:: Reach Us
  This is the direct way
to Jülicher Str. 12 in 52382 Niederzier

Traveling times by car:


from Brussels airport

approx. 2 h 10'

from Düsseldorf airport

approx. 1 h

from Cologne/Bonn airport

approx. 45'



from Düren main Station

approx. 10'

Coming from North / Düsseldorf:
- Highway A44 (southbound from Düsseldorf)
- Exit Jülich-West
- Route B 56 to Düren will take you to Huchem-Stammeln, our premises are located at the entrance of the town
- First gate to your right directs you to the sales & shipping departments, second gate to your right to the production site, the building across the road houses the management areas

Coming from Cologne or Aachen:
- Highway A4 (westbound from Cologne or eastbound from Brussels)
- Exit Düren
- Route B56 to Niederzier will take you directly into Huchem-Stammeln, following the main road our premises are located at the exit of the town
- First building to your right houses the management, first gate to your left leads you to the production sites, second gate to the sales and shipping departments
after 2 km you will reach Schoeller Textil: (right managment,
1st entrance left Production; 2nd entrance left Sales/Shipmen

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