"We at Spentex believe in the growth of individuals and in their ability to create high quality products. We put our team and every member at the forefront providing numerous opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.
In a competitive environment, we take a moment to reflect on the abilities of every individual and thus drive innovation and coherence. As a result, we build a united team that caters to the needs of all our customers and create relationships that we cherish."

  • Mutuality and Trust

  • Intrapreneurship

  • Value Addition

  • Excellence

We look for the following attributes in people for boarding Spentex bandwagon:


Upto Junior Management

Middle Management

Senior Management


Frontline Entrepreneur

Competency Builder

Organizational Architect


  • Effective Delivery
  • High Achievement Motivation
  • Result Oriented
  • Cost Conscious
  • Customer Focused
  • Creating Opportunities for Learning & Growth
  • Linking Competencies to Work Goals
  • Mentoring, Empowering and Coaching
  • Managing Relationships
  • Managing and Developing Talent
  • Enhancing Organizational Competence and Performance
  • Inspiring and Managing Change
  • Institutional Building