Technology & Innovation

Spentex is equipped with technologically advanced machinery with extensive collaborations with the best technology providers in the world and in-house technical teams that are instrumental in helping us stay a step ahead of the market at all times. Being one of the largest and pre-eminent manufacturers of yarn in India and globally; we rely heavily on technology for consistent quality and production standards which is reflected in our 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India.

Yarn manufacturing facilities have the following state of the art machineries.

Blow Room Rieter
Contamination Sorters Applied
Carding Rieter C 60 with Auto Levelers With high nep and trash removal efficiency
Draw Frame Breaker Rieter SB D-15
Combers Rieter E 65 High Productivity combers
Draw Frame Finisher Rieter RSB D-35 with Auto Leveller
Speed Frame Zinser 68 I, Marzoli FT 2 SN and FT 2 DN
Ring Frame KTTM RXI 240, Marzoli MP 1N with auto doffing,
spindle monitoring ring data and computerized
speed controllerMarzoli ring frames with multi
count multi twist, slub yarn and core yarn
Auto Coner Murata 21 link coner with uster quantam 2
contamination cleareers and centrallised
visual manager
Humidification and fiber
collection system
Luwa with online humidification and
temperature control system
Yarn Conditioning System Sieger
Over Head Cleaning System Electrojet
On line Energy Monitoring System Ennercon
Testing Facilities Uster

Other facilities includes:

  • UTIT bobbin transportation system from speed frame to ring frame
  • Bus Bar trunking system for the supply of power

The Marzoli Ring Frames enable us to innovate various range of products for the denim and fancy application.